Yamaoka – Silent Film

Yamaoka – Silent Film


Yamaoka is the solo project of Kenichi Oka and was formerly a duo with Yoshinori Yamazaki (the name being a fusion of their surnames). They have been releasing music since 1996 but since 2007 it has been Kenichi’s project. Originally a techno outfit these days Yamaoka are pursuing electronic music with a strong synth, loop based sounds with grounding in Ambient and an almost beat-less stripped down version of Techno.

Kenichi creates unique loop based tracks made in real time, without use of computers. Controlled by the Roland MC50 sequencer, Kenichi adds a human touch and “life” feel to his tracks. Following on from recent releases such as “Time to Time” on Databloem, “A Baoa Q” on Disq An, Kenichi Oka aka Yamaoka continues to further his pursuit of Electronic Synth based ambient and beat less almost Techno over 9 tracks on “Silent Film”. Subtleties and variance appear on this album from the loop based “Room Number” to the more techno based tracks like “David” and “Nakagawa” to the Aphex Twin like “Tartarus”. Something for those with varied electronic tastes.

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