VNA – Issue 16

VNA – Issue 16


Issue 16 features Parisian legend Invader as the cover artist. Our exclusive interview with the Rubik’s cube enthusiast provides a rare insight into this secretive street artist’s work.

We talk about people stealing his work, airlines classifying his tiles as ‘weapons’ and invader-shaped waffles. We also chat about his ‘cousin’ Mr Brainwash and how he narrowly avoiding arrest in LA during the Art in the Streets show.

Issue 16 also includes Ron English’s protege, the Australian wunderkind Kid Zoom, old-school mad scientist CHU, commercial assassins TrustoCorp, and weird and wonderful pictorial pirates The Dead Sea Mob.

But that’s not all, folks. We also talk to Cath Love and Will Barras, and include a photo feature on Obsession Of Colour.

Of course no issue of VNA would be complete without documenting actual work on city walls and it seemed appropriate that this issue should celebrate the streets of Paris, alongside those of London and Melbourne.

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