Vetropaco – Subvoid

Vetropaco – Subvoid


On “Vetropaco”‘s second album, we see once again Gianluca Favaron (Zbeen, Ab’SHE, etc.) and Andrea Bellucci (Red Sector A, Nerva, Dio<X>ide, etc.) joining their forces. The target of this new work is to further expand the concepts and themes touched upon in the first album, making this collaboration as homogeneous as possible. In “Subvoid”, Favaron’s sounds act like the main binding force on all the tracks and appear to be more in the foreground compared to the previous album. The project is enriched by new solutions where digital and analogue sounds melt together, searching for a form of expression that is both pleasant and engaging, and never taken for granted. Rhythm tracks take shape from Favaron’s palette, whose sounds are bended and elaborated exactly to form a unique blend with Bellucci’s textures, where they get lost and come to light again.

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