Valiska – A Day as a Blade of Grass

Valiska – A Day as a Blade of Grass


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In his 24-minute opus ‘A Day as a Blade of Grass’, Krzysztof Sujata glides effortlessly through the shared spaces of ambient, noise and modern classical to craft one of the defining works of his rapidly expanding oeuvre.

Delicate piano phrases and trembling guitars hold the piece together, sliding in and out of view across its six sections under punishing waves of feedback and static. But for all of the noise and jittering experimentation that skitters through the mix, Sujata is most infatuated with those slivers of light in the darkness that give space to reflect. It’s in those moments when the truly human elements of his music are brought to the fore and the connections between the fragments are made in the mind of the listener.

To dissect the essential fabric of sound is a difficult enough task, but doing it with such care and devotion marks Valiska out as an artist in complete control of his craft. With its emotional resonance and sonic verve, ‘A Day as a Blade of Grass’ is a captivating and transportive piece from one of the most highly respected figures in contemporary ambient music.

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