Treefingers – Op.I

Treefingers – Op.I


Treefingers is a solo project of Atay İlgün focusing on ambient, drone-based and industrial music. It wanders through sounds of minds under the confusion of micro-cosmos and universe, supernovas with vivid details of elemental clouds, dreamy lands where giant machines were meant to be natural belongings creating beautiful forests.

It does these with a zen like beautiful and very beautifully crafted soundscapes which simply deserves to be experienced in an enverioment where it’s sounds can live in. When it lives it gains the capability to slow one’s metabolism to turn the listener inside for an hour of healing , both physically and mentally.

Package design is a reworked one of the first edition which was mostly designed by Alper Yıldırım.
Photographs by Alper Yıldırım.

Contains the bonus track ‘The Summit’ which was solely available from the mrsvee’s website.

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