TRDLX – Dystopia

TRDLX – Dystopia


Glitchy textures swirl around the temples while addictive beats thump the temples. Soundscapes crawl beneath a barbed wire of dense and complex patterns. Dystopia is the first album of Paris based producers Boris Haladjian and Thibault Csukonyi. Within a constant state of flux and tension, the sound waves delve into incisive electronic and organic textures, ranging from IDM to sound-design or gorgeous ambient layers.

Trdlx is the project of the Parisians Boris Haladjian and Thibault Csukonyi. Oscillating between heavy fractured beats and abrasive textures, their sound is similar to a complex hybrid electronica, nourrished of dense rhythmic patterns and immersive ambient layers. Largely influenced by trip-hop, IDM and drone / ambient, Trdlx’s music is engraved in a dark melancholic cinematic universe in which each composition can be seen as a singular story.

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