The Doubling Riders – Garama

The Doubling Riders – Garama


This is the beautiful digipak version in an edition of just 150 copies. It comes with an inside pocket and a 4 panel booklet…

For TRS054 we are extremely excited to bring you what is our first re-release. This is an absolutely lovely, and criminally under heard beauty from Italian group, The Doubling Riders, entitled “Garama”. Originally released in 1991 on the fantastic, Italian Il Museo Immaginario label, this is a wonderfully evocative album of old school, synth infused ethno-ambiance of the highest caliber. A concept album of sorts, it references the ancient Saharan kingdom of the Garamantes, who lived in what is now central Libya. Eerie, melodic, mysterious…please discover the wonder of Garama for yourself after all these years…


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