Tatiana Alamartine – Searching

Tatiana Alamartine – Searching


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The first of a new series named Acoustic Collection at VoxxoV Records. The creation of the album Searching began in the Conservatorio di Musica Giovan Battista Martini in Bologna, Italy, during a six month residence in 2014. The rest was done in two months in Lyon.

Tatiana Alamartine worked with a famous Bosendörfer piano, a rare and prestigious Viennese instrument. This piano is unique and has a powerful and melodious tone. The pianist Rainer Keuschnig will even say that “Bösendorfer is authentically Viennese, because it presents all the various aspects of the Viennese personality which expresses itself in the eye which smiles or cries”.
This famous piano was the one used by numerous famous composers, including, Franz Liszt and Charlemagne Palestine for his album Strumming Music.

Tatiana’s album follows the tradition of solo piano albums with wintry tones while also having a colored and warm composition at the same time. Classical music lovers who liked Vora by Rauelsson or Winter Musik by Nils Frahm will surely be delighted with Searching by Tatiana Alamartine. The themes’ diversity makes this album complex yet approchable. In many ways, this album sounds like a collection of compositions mixing improvisations and interludes, a brilliant achievement of a three years musical ressearch diary.

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