Sublamp / Giovanni Lami – Split

Sublamp / Giovanni Lami – Split


Edition of 50 hand-numbered ferrik cassettes..

A spontaneous first meeting between two young artists resulting in forty minutes of experimental music covering a wide spectrum of drone sounds. From granular synthesis and walls of guitar distortion to Jerusalem’s filed recordings and dark soundscapes, this release continues Felt’s catalog in an unpredictably cool way.

The idea for this project came during a conversation with the Italian musician/photographer Giovanni Lami (b.1978) about a possible release and I quickly brought to the table the idea of inviting Ryan along for a split release. Los Angeles based Ryan Connor (b.1979) under the alias ‘Sublamp’, who has been delivering top drone sounds since 2008, was then asked to join and this album came to life. It was really interesting for me to see those two artists interact as their music careers are surprisingly parallel but in the same time so distant. The tracks they created for this split provide a great opportunity for us to get some insight into their techniques and style, and to document those two promising artists at their artistic take-off. I would like to leave the invitation open for Ryan and Giovanni to come together again in a few years for the second part of this split; it will be really exciting to see how their sound has evolved. – Felt

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