Steve Pacheco – Constellate

Steve Pacheco – Constellate


Numbered edition of 90 copies with handmade artwork and a dried flower…

Across its 7 pieces, all of Constellate, from its song titles to its feeling, the whole thing, can be heard as a series of broad strokes that drift over the listener and have a mysteriously hypnotic quality, or a series of smaller brush strokes that add up to a much grander whole than the sum of its parts. Even the song titles bring together references to the grand scale of the entire night sky hovering over a planet matched against references to something that seems deeply personal.

But perhaps the biggest credit to Constellate is that no matter the interpretation, whether it be grand global narrative or personal story, it’s an album that just plain works on both levels. And much like the mystery created by Pacheco’s deliberate disinterest in personal biography, the album has a mystery of its own going for it: why’s it so damn good? “Constellate” is a remarkable offering by any definition; that it serves as a debut release for an artist only compounds how impressive it is. – Brendan Moore (Fluid Radio)

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