Sound People – Teatime (CD)

Sound People – Teatime (CD)


Jesse Johnson and Paul Dickow, collectively as Sound People, present Teatime, a document of their multiple sessions of sonic exploration during 2008 and 2009. Fueled by countless cups of high-powered exotic teas, these vivid and lush recordings reveal the two friends united in their search of new dubbed out sound worlds on the fringes between ambient coasting and rhythmic syncopations.

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Johnson, who records new bass music as GULLS for his Boomarmnation label, met Dickow (aka Strategy) through Johnson’s membership in the Evolutionary Jass Band, whose first album was released on Dickow’s label Community Library. Teatime reveals their immediate comfort with music that is improvised completely fresh – the recordings were recorded live in single takes – and with a no-rules approach to their instrumentation – live-processed hand percussion, analogue percussion synthesizers and noise makers (Dickow) and live processed trumpet, mini keyboards, mbira, and tape echos (Johnson).

The resulting electric soup is a cascade of echoes and sonic silhouettes, gestures in search of a dubbed out dream space in between drum velocity, serene trumpets, and dub’s open spaces. Pop it up in your headphones and fire up a hot cup of oolong or pu erh for maximum effects.


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