Sleepingdog – With Our Heads In The Clouds (Vinyl)

Sleepingdog – With Our Heads In The Clouds (Vinyl)


Limited Edition 12″ Clear Vinyl, comes with download code included in the sleeve: Once upon a time in the days of the Belgian Franc, Chantal Acda made the acquaintance Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie, and the two became fast friends through a mutual love of disco bowling, and 1970’s Danish scary movies. They first collaborated with vocals together on the infamous last track, ‘The Struggle’ on Mr. Wiltzie’s 2004 ‘The Dead Texan’ (kranky)


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Now, over the course of 10 years, this strange friendship has slowly developed into a musical collaboration which at this point is a rarity for Mr. Wiltzie, because of his notorious slow burning output for his deservedly or unlawfully, but undeniably legendary Stars of the Lid.

For their new release, ‘With Our Heads in the Clouds and Our Hearts in the Fields’, these two have somehow gone back in time to capture the sound of glacial moving, dark cough syrup pop music. Mr. Wiltzie has manipulated his trademark Stars of the Lid sound of haunting ambience, deconstructing, and funneling it through the beautiful voice, and song compositions of Chantal Acda. Together, Sleepingdog have gently abducted these gaseous tones, and choruses of pacific tree frogs into some beautifully crafted melancholic orchestration that reminds us all that we exist in a world of strangers, drifting only two feet apart.


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