Sketches For Albinos – Days Of Being Wild And Kind

Sketches For Albinos – Days Of Being Wild And Kind


Here’s a beautiful collection of tracks from from Icelandic lo-fi artist Sketches for Albinos (the work of composer Matthew Collings).

These tracks were all recorded in various apartments and spaces in Reykjavik, 2004-2010, and collect fan’s favourites from previous download-only releases. A set of beautiful music to comfort on winter nights.

́… on a par with anything that the mighty Sigur Ros have released ́ (

́Surrounding him in an arc which extends around the back of the tiny stage and off both sides stand the seven guitarists he’s acquired for the evening. Seven leads feed into his nerve centre, and as seven hands pick out one drawn-out chord he works his magic; tuning and manipulating the sound and folding it back on itself across a background of quietly ticking electronica to fill the air around him with glacially mangificent sonic sculpture…building like some submerged orchestra. Ambient but definitely not background, when he draws it to a close it’s like being snapped out of hypnosis. Amazing stuff ́ (Manchester Music)

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