Seth Chrisman – Aetherdrift, Do You Copy

Seth Chrisman – Aetherdrift, Do You Copy


Limited edition of 100 that comes in a numbered handmade sleeve, with an insert containing a personal message from Chisman introducing the EP…

Flaming Pines’s first release for 2012 is a magical new EP by Seth Chrisman called ”Aetherdrift,, Do You Copy”.

Chrisman hails from New Mexico in the USA, but drew heavily on sonic material gathered on a trip to Costa Rica to produce this memorable EP.

Stumbling around after dark armed with a tape recorder and a radio, Chrisman said he returned home inspired by the ”lovely cacophony” produced by the mixture of natural sounds and fragmented AM radio transmisions.
”Aetherdrift” delicately and powerfully conveys both the euphoria and disorientation of travel — the sense of drift and near disembodiment experienced by every traveller as they arrive as a disconnected outsider to a new country.

It is a subtle and sophisticated work which, with its emphasis on geography, travel and connections, is a terrific fit with the preoccupations of the Flaming Pines label, and we are very proud to be associated with it.

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