Selffish – He She Them Us (Vinyl)

Selffish – He She Them Us (Vinyl)


Vinyl edition of He She Them Us. DMM cut pressed on black virgin vinyl, reverse print on sleeve for tactile matt textured finish…

He She Them Us is an album of precise, purposeful electronica that recalls and expands upon the output of labels like Mille Plateaux, April Records, raster-noton and City Centre Offices in the early 2000s. The music is not purely electronic though, atop the bursts of static and staccato beats are many layers of field recordings and live instrumentation.

The field recordings represent an important anchor point for Andrejs whose work on He She Them Us began at a very turbulent time in his life. Finding solace in the stillness and beauty of the countryside around his home city of Riga, he would record the sounds of these places and return with them to his home studio: “Each time I went to visit a secluded corner of nature outside my hometown, I usually felt a strong desire to produce music. Especially when hearing the sounds again at home”. The music could be seen as a further distillation of these moments of reflection spent outside, an attempt to recreate some fleeting moment.

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