Seabuckthorn – They Haunted Most Thickly

Seabuckthorn – They Haunted Most Thickly


They haunted most thickly. A collection of songs played mainly on an open C tuned resonator guitar & an open A tuned 12-string acoustic guitar. Melodies coming from guitar improvisations, heard in dreams, misheard in reality, all of which continued to invade my thoughts, a driving force for inspiration to record during my time living in Paris. These songs did indeed haunt me most thickly. – Andy Cartwright

Seabuckthorn is the solo project of UK acoustic guitarist Andy Cartwright. Releasing 6 albums since 2008 he explores alternative terrains on six to twelve strings, often with minimal layered accompaniments to produce a musical landscape. Cartwright uses the techniques of finger picking & bowing combined with various open tunings to form a well curated mixture of approaches. Falling into the cinematic and soundtrack genres, it’s evident of influences ranging from the traditional styles of Robbie Basho and Jack Rose, to more modern players like Ben Chasny, Zak Riles, and Gustavo Santaolalla with whom Cartwright shares an emphasis on atmospheric and multi-instrumental compositions. Sometimes quietly ambient, often powerfully expressive.

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