Raw Vision – Issue 73

Raw Vision – Issue 73


– Andrei’s Artistic Automobilies D.B Denholtz introduces the striking models of Andrei Palmer

– Miniature Masterpieces Gary Santaniello introduces the obsessive detail of Dalton Ghetti

– Danielle Jacqui: La Maison de Celle Qui Peint and the Colossal d’Art Brut Michèle Perez brings us up to date with the phenomenal artist singulier from southern France

– Flowerings of Folklore Sara Ugolini introduces spontaneous Italian artist Maria Concetta Cassarà

– Rediscovering an Imaginary Pop Music Superstar Tom Patterson reviews the lost-and-found homemade record-cover art of Mingering Mike

– Art & Disability – With the opening of the Museum of Everything’s London exhibition, featuring the work of artists with disabilities.

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