Poppy Nogood – Mood Paintings

Poppy Nogood – Mood Paintings


Improvised as snapshots of hope, ecstasy, turmoil and longing, mo od paintings by New York composer Poppy Nogood is a self-portrait in four parts. Each movement is a space to live in, a world to breathe – a temporal extension of feelings felt at one particular moment and a tale of cyclical rebirth that mirrors the nature of self-reflection.

Inspired by the work of William Basinski , Lawrence English , Pauline Oliveros , Sean McCann, Labrador , The Necks , Bing & Ruth and Gustav Mahler , the most essential aspect of mood paintings is its static central structure and dynamic exterior.
Mood paintings is Poppy Nogood ’s second album for Preserved Sound, and the follow-up to Music for Mourning.

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