øjeRum – Naar Vi Vaagner

øjeRum – Naar Vi Vaagner


Professionally manufactured high quality CDr's, limited to 60 copies.  Handmade artwork, each hand numbered. Different color wallets with envelopes.  Wallets 250g paper, outside cover envelope 120g paper, transparent bag…

The next level of øjeRum sound comes into full bloom on Hvid Hvile Sort Ro and Naar Vi Vaagner, still rooted in the same melancholic minimalist hypnotic repetition, but here it takes on a more dynamic styling, a more nuanced character, a more profound close listening experience, neatly connecting the dots within the correlated set of William Basinski, Brian Eno, Greg Gorlen, Tim Hecker and Skittish Arm, as øjeRum applies his fragmented folk modus operandi to his long form ambient noir outlet, yielding two striking collected works that are more immediately engrossing than his more involved epics He Remembers There Were Gardens (his alternate soundtrack to the film La Jette) and Syrenen while remaining just as potent and immersed. Highest possible recommendation. – PSI LAB

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