Nguyen / Cinchel: Movement Of An Old Soul (Deluxe)

Nguyen / Cinchel: Movement Of An Old Soul (Deluxe)


Limited edition version comes in an edition of just 65 copies…that’s all that we could scrape the absurdly hard to find materials together for! Each of these beauties comes in a sort of matchbook folded package. The outer antique, hand stamped stiff board folder material is collaged on both sides with beautiful vintage photos, appropriately paired old word cards, worded sections of 100 year old player piano roll paper, and a 3D winking eye! Sewn into each is a modified antique bank envelope, containing on one side a rare, 60’s metal Thorens music box disc with unique song on each (you’ll need a Thorens player!), and on the other, a hand printed and stamped insert on ancient ledger paper, and a factory pressed disc. Each of these oversized, 5” x 6” “matchbooks” comes sealed in a zip locked, smoked, anti-static envelope.

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