Ned Milligan – Enter Outside

Ned Milligan – Enter Outside


LP limited to 100 copies: Comes with 2-sided colour insert and liner notes.

In recent years, Ned Milligan has pursued composition almost exclusively through chimes and cassette tape. Emphasizing live performance, this music was defined by equal parts improvisation and careful curation. His new LP, Enter Outside, demonstrates the tonal and textural qualities found on those recordings while expanding his palette with the inclusion of a singing drum. The title of this album–which can be interpreted as a directive, suggestion, or invitation–embodies the feel of these pieces and how much the music employs outdoor elements not as a mere backdrop, but as a collaborator.

As with Milligan’s prior albums on Fluid Audio, Gertrude Tapes, and Florabelle, most of Enter Outside was recorded on a rural porch in Maine with additional processing afterwards. Each track offers a gentle immersion into his environment and gradually encourages it to become yours as well, while the gentle racket of the world hums along. There is a fundamentally bristling beauty to this album’s core and its ability to let the listener experience its space as a living thing.

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