My Home, Sinking – Sleet

My Home, Sinking – Sleet


Lovingly reel-to-reel mastered by Ian Hawgood, the album unspools its vintage heart from an audiocassette presented in craft paper and letter-pressed cover designed by Giacomo Vianello and realized by Marco Brunello at Cartiera Clandestina. Coming with dried brambles in a small pergamino paper bag. Hand numbered envelopes.

“Sleet” is a pastoral fable with a resolutely vulnerable core – a ’60s folk narrative echoing through modern classical and ambient music. Enrico Coniglio evokes the cadenced ghosts of My Home, Sinking with the aid of Natalia Drepina, Katie English, Peter Gallo, Piero Bittolo Bon and Giovanni Natoli.

The fading Morriconian memories of “Sleet” evolve through a languid structured homage to Italian songwriters, embellished by weaving flute, cello, vibraphone, duduk and drums, like a prayer for human tragedy to a deaf and distant cosmos. The story of a young virgin woman and a miraculous gift is reinterpreted amongst the cobwebs of fragmentary mellotron, orchestral samples, pads of noises and manipulated field recordings.


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