Morgen Wurde – Assassinous Act

Morgen Wurde – Assassinous Act


Weather patterns around the world are shifting…and although it’s fortunately cooler than usual here in California this summer, tempers are still on the rise, tensions ride high, and criminal intent is always in the air! Our latest release reflects these sentiments…and for TRS072 we are bringing back an artist that we released last year. We are very pleased to re-welcome Morgen Wurde, aka Wolfgang Röttger, and his latest release, Assassinous Act!

We had told Wolfgang earlier in the year that we would be doing a “crime release” of sorts in the near future, and he promptly and enthusiastically agreed to compose a fictitious soundtrack for us to this non existent crime that is reflected in the packaging for TRS072. He has done a fantastic job to that effect! Dark and ominous at times…mysterious and reflective at others…the thirteen tracks here take us through the conception of the crime, to the actual acting out of it and beyond, to a final redemption and reckoning of sorts. With his “accomplices”, Maria Estrella Aggabao and Georges-Emmanuel Schneider, he has indeed provided us with a fitting soundscape to this release!

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