Morgen Wurde – Assassinous Act (Deluxe Version)

Morgen Wurde – Assassinous Act (Deluxe Version)


The absurdly appropriate deluxe version is composed of an actual “crime kit”…each of which comes contained in a zippered, textile evidence bag, and is hung and labeled with a hand distressed and numbered toe tag. Every bag contains all that you should need to figure out the parameters of this crime! The actual potential murder weapon in the form of an antique ice pick w/bullet attached (not live ammo), a vintage mug shot and fingerprint card, a copy of an antique fingerprinting magazine, a hand typed out and repurposed evidence envelope with factory pressed “soundtrack” disc inside it, a hand modified blood spatter test card, a mysterious vintage coat check tag with brass key attached, (what’s in the locker?), and other evidentiary objects of interest to anyone trying to figure this crime out!

Put this evocative soundtrack on while studying the objects at hand, and see if you can solve this whodunnit!

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