Menagerie #3 (Vinyl/Book)

Menagerie #3 (Vinyl/Book)


Jake Blanchard’s third volume of Menagerie finally shows up just over a year after #2…

The concept this time is slightly different, not only do the artists create imagery based on the musicians music, but this time the musicians also create a track based on an image created by the artist.

Two exclusive new tracks from each of these artists: Ben Nash, Isengrind, C Joynes and Twinsistermoon. And exclusive new artwork by Jim Stoten, Simon Fowler, Adrianne Neil and Jake Blanchard. The sleeve is a collaboration between Jake and Jim and it is incredible!

The LP is pressed on heavyweight black virgin vinyl, packaged with a A5 12 page litho printed full colour booklet. Limited to 500 copies.

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