Listening Mirror – What’s Wrong With Miracles

Listening Mirror – What’s Wrong With Miracles


Limited edition hand stamped release in recycled handstiched and stickered sleeve with card insert…

Featuring 3 long form tracks of Ambient/Drone based experimentalism for one half of listening Mirror, Jeff Stonehouse. Listening Mirror have appeared on notable imprints such as Hibernate, Heat Death, Audio Gourmet, Rural Colours and Bathetic to name a few.

The process….

Equipment used: Squier Stratocaster guitar. Audition semi – acoustic guitar. Korg Kaossillator. 18″ Oscillating fan, Ribbons.

Recording method: Ableton Live 8 Suite running on Macbook Pro.

Recording techniques: ‘The Boat Has Sailed’ drone was achieved using the earth hum and harmonics of the Audition guitar. Percussive bass were recorded through the pickups of the same guitar and then chopped, stretched and looped.

‘It’s In The Trees’ and ‘Storm Train’ guitar parts were recorded by attaching ribbons to an oscillating fan and allowing them to strike the strings randomly.

All tracks written between October 2011 and February 2012 by Jeff Stonehouse.

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