Listening Mirror – On The Passing of Chavela

Listening Mirror – On The Passing of Chavela


Very nice limited edition CD that come in a fold out panel…

‘On The Passing of Chavela’ is a meditation on loss. The atmosphere continues to push and pull against itself as the music progresses. It’s very much in the spirit of South American ambient. It also feels feminine, sultry and as red-hot as her fiery spirit and red poncho she so famously adorned. The music is her love of tequila, and the trickling splash as it hit the bottom of the glass. The bottle tinkles against the glass in a melodic pool of liquor. Full of sensuality, and possibly a hint of lust, the Spanish guitar played soulfully on, accompanying her song. An absence of singing – via the voice – does not mean there is an absence of vocalisation. The dusty drone herself sings with a concealed spice that is only just vaguely scented on the Mexican streets, rising from the swirling clouds of drone. – Fluid Radio

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