Listening Mirror – From Dreams

Listening Mirror – From Dreams


“Listening mirror is the ambient/drone project of Jeff Stonehouse. It has been in existence since October 2009, when it was formed as a duo with Kate Tustain. Kate withdrew from the project in January 2011.

Listening Mirror have released material on aReW Records, Somehow Recordings, Heat Death Records, Rural Colours, and now Entropy Records. Future releases are planned for Hibernate and Sweat Lodge Guru.

…from dreams… contains two tracks, ‘Black Spring’ and ‘Lifting the Veil of Clouds’. Both tracks are true to the Listening Mirror ethos of ‘using sound as a defence against itself’ in which sounds that would normally seem banal, discordant or unpleasant are stretched and looped, their frequencies and harmonics seperated and recombined and then treated with a variety of effects to form a thing of beauty. To this drone are added field recordings and more traditional instruments such as guitar and piano.

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