Liondialer – LIVE!

Liondialer – LIVE!


Made up of Greg Haines & Danny Saul, Liondialer were formed in Manchester during 2007, and are now split between Manchester and Berlin. They play entirely improvised music on sporadic shows and tours around Europe.


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Presented as one continuous piece of music, culled and sequenced from hours of live recordings, ‘Liondialer LIVE!’ has a masterful flow to it, shifting from moments of subtle tonal experimentation to gorgeous soaring melodies and ambience, then further morphing into a barrage of cold, metallic shards of noise. Whilst capturing these spontaneous moments of sonic and melodic brilliance, the album has a sort of ‘field recording’ type vibe to it, and houses an underlying ambience of its own; check out that slow-build of audience indifference on ‘Bay Horse’ for example – is that Liondialer, or is that someone shooting pool in the background? The improvisations found here are in stark contrast to the pair’s respective focus on composition within their solo work.


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