Larkian / Yellow6 – Offtempo

Larkian / Yellow6 – Offtempo


The history of Larkian and Yellow6 traces back to around 2001 when Cyril was running the Tricycle Evolutif record label. He invited Jon to release a 7″ single on the label and this, ‘Grey’ was released early 2002. There were some discussions about a split release at the time but this never came about. Forward to 2009 and Cyril and Jon get back in contact via individual releases on the same labels (October Man, Cathedral Transmissions). Cyril sends a track for Jon to contribute to and the collaboration that has become ‘Offtempo’ began. After around a year of file exchange, composition and recordings, the first common collaborative effort by Yellow6 and Larkian was ready to find a home.


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Neither Larkian or Yellow6 are easily categorised, but both differ from each other. The mixing of the two styles creates something all its own whilst retaining the individual. By using an impressive range of effects and ways to play guitar ‘Offtempo’ offers various sound textures and landscapes, from shoegaze inspired reverb to atmospheric ambiences or epic post-rock melodies. At times, it is hard to say who played what, which is a good thing, showing it is not just a superposition of two different styles. The music tends towards the melancholy but maintains an air of optimism.

Offtempo is co-released by Basses Fréquences and three:four records.


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