Kyle Bobby Dunn / Wayne Robert Thomas – The Searchers / Voyevoda

Kyle Bobby Dunn / Wayne Robert Thomas – The Searchers / Voyevoda


“Widescreen scenes are reflected in the music like a sunspot’s glinting corona, and the lighter, brighter approach steps away from the past’s melancholic achings and soul-deep exhaustions. The dusty backdrop is a major influence on the thoughts and actions of those who live out here, a case of the very environment sinking into the gelatinous bones of the drone. The dry, leathery drone produces a cacophonic chorus, a meaty, glimmering and abrasive texture baked in the sun.” – Fluid-Radio

“Dunn continues his exploration of the interplay between form and formlessness by conjuring impressionistic images of the American West. Dunn’s gift as a composer is his ability to dive, like an underwater photographer, into the depths of human feeling and return to the surface with snapshots of aspects of the Self which lurk far below the cognitive level of the mind.” – Delusions of Adequacy

“Ringing, sustained notes, somehow sourced from an old guitar yet sounding more like the slowly ascending celestial horn section of an orchestra tuning up to the vibrations of the universe, or the cries of hundreds of Geese heard from across thousands of feet of open, reverberating water, begin to blur together over time like the broad brush strokes of memory.” – Stone in Focus

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