Konntinent – Kiruna (Vinyl/CD)

Konntinent – Kiruna (Vinyl/CD)



A limited edition vinyl pressing of 200 that includes a CD version of the album, plus a postcard with download code…

Konntinent is the solo project of London based musician Antony Harrison. Both as Konntinent and through his other project names Arev Konn and Paco Sala, Antony has a discography that lists Home Normal, Sonic Pieces, Humming Conch and Symbolic Interaction as labels he has worked with. His live performances have meant he has been able to share the stage with artists such as Machinefabriek, Ian Hawgood, Simon Scott, Library Tapes, Jasper TX, Danny Norbury, Boduf Songs and Talvihorros.


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Kiruna is Konntinent’s first full length release for Hibernate and was conceived as a standalone piece of work. It is not to be considered in relation to previous or future Konntinent releases although the cold environment in which it was inspired also played a strong part in ‘Nospelt’, last year’s Arev Konn album on Humming Conch. Kiruna was conceived and recorded in January and February of 2011, against the backdrop of London’s coldest winter in memory. It is very much inspired by the depths of winter and the impenetrable nights of the town after which it is named. Recording took place over four improvised sessions, utilising analog instruments and a handfull of external effects units. The sessions were edited and sequenced specifically for vinyl. To date Kiruna is the last Konntinent studio work recorded.

‘Kiruna’ is a mysterious and slightly terrifying collection of brooding winter music set deep within the darker side of musical experiments – this will no doubt sound great played on vinyl, late at night, with the lights turned out – Fluid Radio


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