Kevin Verwijmeren – It’s The Colour…

Kevin Verwijmeren – It’s The Colour…


The album comes in a lovely 4-panel digisleeve with cover photography by Julien Lambrechts and inside photography by Jan Van Der Kleijn / Professionally duplicated CD-R / Edition of 100 copies.

Soft Corridor’s seventh release is the debut album by Kevin Verwijmeren : “It’s The Colour Of A Cloud Covered Sky”.

When you look out of a window while you are travelling…
When you just stare at the landscape that is flashing by…
When you are not thinking about what you see but more about what you feel…

That’s the feeling Kevin Verwijmeren wanted to evoke with his debut album “It’s the colour of a cloud covered sky”. He composed and produced the music by searching for melodies and patterns describing this inner state…

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Kevin Verwijmeren grew up in the south part of the Netherlands, close by the sea. He lived in a remote area and had to travel long distances by public transport… Those travels became his major influence and are at the core of his music.

“It’s not that I make music because I wanted to make music… I created this album as a reflection of the feeling(s) I get when I’m travelling by public transport and staring at the changing and moving landscape”

Based in Delft, Kevin Verwijmeren started to make music in 2013. He’s a Physics student who also uses this theoretical knowledge as an abstract inspiration source which helps him create his music the way he does.


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