Keith Berry – Elixir

Keith Berry – Elixir


The alchemist Jim Haynes said of his work: “like falling snow, his dreamy work drifts with a poetic chill and tranquil hypnosis through which peripheral elements tease the listener with subtle details. it’s so damn beautiful…”

A bit of background on this release: one of the great inspirations for invisible birds was Bernhard Günter and his seminal label trente oiseaux. the releases had an enormous influence and one of the gems was Keith Berry’s The Golden Boat. It was with much pleasure when Mr. Berry wrote asking invisible birds to release his newest work Elixir, and after listening to the wonderful kosmic washes of sound, there was no question than to proceed. The CD features abstract drawings by Matthew Swiezynski, and graphics by the Brooklyn-based design kollektive Mount Analogue (Chi Yun and Matthew Swiezynski).

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