Karina ESP – A Single Moment, Repeated

Karina ESP – A Single Moment, Repeated


Karina ESP is the solo recording project of Chris Gowers. Centered around exploring guitar-based textures, recordings vary between slowly formed melancholic ambient, experimental drones and blurred melodies. Karina ESP has been released on a number of labels including Morc Records, Hibernate, Airborne Virus and Evelyn, and has played live in venues across Europe and the UK, sharing the stage with Jessica Bailiff, Tara Jane O’Neil, Wouter van Veldhoven, Drekka and Plinth. Ongoing collaborations have also come to fruition, resulting in releases with Caught In The Wake Forever, Isnaj Dui and Circle Bros. Chris Gowers is also active performing, writing and recording with the bands Signals and Rome Pays Off, and runs The Remains Of My Estate record label.

With A Single Moment, Repeated Chris wanted to capture those brief moments of beautiful clarity that communicate something wordless.

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