K’an – Babel

K’an – Babel


With track titles like “Once Was Spoken”, “Confusion Of Tongues”, and “Inversion Of Mouth I” this music perfectly reflects the album’s overall concept…one that reflects the abstractions and origins of language, and the dualities of Babel/babble. Like conversation itself the ultimate stream of “Babel” is a long and meandering blend of the calm and the languid, of urgency and restraint, and the unintelligible, concise, and interruptive. It is a paean to our inner discourse, our conversational selves, and the language of music itself. Most tracks start out softly and leisurely…then build slowly and lovingly into a sort of post industrial, percussive throb and hum…, the initial tinkling and strumming working itself into a dark dense drone of anticipation and ultimate extreme release. Processed guitars… electronic treatments… all conjoin to make this the most memorable of soundtracks to your own pleasurable or argumentative moments!

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