James Murray – Floods Returned

James Murray – Floods Returned


I've always cared more about what's left unsaid, the less certain truths lightened through nuance not statement. It's unsurprising then that scattered throughout layers of the original twenty-one tracks are half-remembered melodies and fragments of what might have been. I knew the final released mixes could only be versions, as definitive as possible but ever fertile for reweighting, rebalancing and reimagining. Simply to recombine a few elements on many of these productions is to invite another composition to spontaneously unfurl, often equally faithful to the spirit of my intent as the original.

Artists are all circling their private collection of hopes, fears, dreams and disappointments, looking at this strange assemblage from every angle, pushing and pulling to see what falls out. It's through this focused, sustained introspection that we occasionally get a glimpse of something beyond ourselves, enough perhaps to convert into something worthwhile to say aloud. I'll continue to look inward in my work in hopes of finding this gold of the soul, but here, now, I invite you back to one of the richest veins I've struck to date; to the waters that submerge, the patient, extended hand and the aching foothills of regret. Floods Returned. – James Murray

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