Ishmael Cormack – Maple Finch

Ishmael Cormack – Maple Finch


Maple Finch was conceived through multiple thought channels with an approach to nature and the outdoors, the six pieces of work have a familiar theme running through them. From the perspective of the bird and its surroundings and habitat to technical elements which are in-turn connected to organic field recordings, reverbs and natural noise created during the process. Maple Finch integrates real-time-playback, multi-layered tape loops and acoustic elements along with intricate sound design – giving it a warm and uncondensed edge.

A beating heart and cosmic soul can be heard running through the duration of Maple Finch, this will eventually be part of an installation – a series of vessels that contain the items that the Finch will collect during springtime, items which are essential for nest building for their offspring.

The journey of the full-length release brings-together elements of spring, new life, adventure and a meditative journey through the season. It is released to coincide with astronomical spring in the UK.

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