IO – Flamenco Abstractions

IO – Flamenco Abstractions


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Electro-acoustic artist David Font and guitar virtuoso Jose Luis Rodríguez have taken flamenco music into a bold new realm of performed deconstruction, offering a live dialogue between a primordial tradition’s multi-layered history and the crackle and hum of our 21st century digital soundscape. Rodriguez’s lush, polyrhythmic patterns and ornate chords provide the project’s whole cloth, while Font tugs and pulls at the strands in real time, deconstructing, altering and re-introducing Rodriguez’s expert playing as both rhythmic counterpoint and delicate washes of electronic echo and fuzz.

The duo’s work expands the state of the art for both electro-acoustic technique and flamenco tradition, creating a fluid new musical dialect. They create experimental music that works on its own terms—not for novelty’s sake, but in search of beauty and transcendence in the moment. The results are hypnotic, strange, and surprisingly elegant. All of the recordings are realized in real time (i.e., no overdubs), allowing the artists’ affinity and decades-long experience to shape the music through a process based more on intuition and sensitivity than fixed design: electronics radically transform acoustic guitar, hand claps, and finger snaps to create intuitive feedback structures able to express a sensitivity that approaches the telepathic.

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