Grzegorz Bojanek – Constraints

Grzegorz Bojanek – Constraints


Limited edition of 23 hand numbered copies. Also includes digital download code…

While exploring SoundCloud I found a very interesting group called Disquiet Junto, created by Marc Weidenbaum. As Mark says: “The purpose of the group is to use constraints to stoke creativity”. When I joined the group the artists were working of the 14th project and I decided to take part in it. It went quite well cause I love to use “less” in order to create “more”.

What is more, the artists who create their tracks following Marc’s guidelines are very creative and the comments they leave under the “soundclouds” are deep and honest. In my opinion it is because everybody really listens to the tracks of the other people very carefully and analyses the creative process which is always described under the track. This is really amazing.

So far I’ve created several tracks for the Disquiet Junto group and they are free to download from my SoundCloud profile. Still, I wanted to publish them as an album, because I feel that they should exist also in a physical form. So I asked my friend Krzysztof Orluk to make the analogue mastering with his toys to add some warmth to the tracks.

I must say I really like the new line of ETALABEL packages but in this case I also wanted to work with constraints while creating the package. That is why I made limited handmade digipacks. They are mostly in black and yellow (I don’t know why but when I think about the group those colors are in my mind). The graphics on the cover was designed by Mateusz Bąkała. I carved a woodcut out of the graphics and “stamped” it into the covers.

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