Grizzly Imploded – You Are The Way…

Grizzly Imploded – You Are The Way…


Neapolitan free jazz tornado-hatching is totally my bag and Grizzly Imploded bring the joy in spades; I could listen to this kind of steez all day! This trio is a branch off the Strongly Imploded tree – two of the three members hail from that noisy outfit – and they employ all the latest techniques to melt the faces of their audience. Minimal/maximal guitar skree deftly unloaded like depth charges off the side of a warship. Freely-pummelled drums that bounce off of the floor, on the verge of exploding under the weight of deft arms. Controlled chaos that threatens to seep out of the rusty container holding it all together. Yeah, my heart’s totally into this beautifully-crafted tape – which excels both in audible and visible content – delivered directly inside my tattered cranium courtesy of Scissor Tail Editions.

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