Good Weather For An Airstrike – Lights

Good Weather For An Airstrike – Lights


This is a limited edition of 200 handmade and hand-numbered collectible copies, packaged in a lovely hand-stamped dark brown cardboard envelope with the front cover image printed on a polaroid style photo paper…

Good Weather For An Airstrike is an ambient/post-rock project by Tom Honey from Winchester, Hampshire in the UK. Taking the name from the Sigur Ros masterpiece Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása, Tom started the Good Weather For An Airstrike project in 2009 influenced by artists like Sigur Ros, Stars of the Lid, Eluvium and Hammock.

The idea of the project was to create a collection of relaxing sounds which would help Tom alleviate the issues caused by suffering from tinnitus, which causes a ringing sensation in the ear and can often result in difficulty sleeping.
He is also member of Damn Robot! and Sleepless Dreams and has previously released his Good Weather For An Airstrike albums & EP’s through Hibernate Recordings, Rural Colours, Bad Panda Records, Sonic Reverie and his own Hawk Moon Records.

Lights is Honey’s most accomplished work to date, demonstrating a progression in his talent and skill in composing.
Following on from last year’s well received Underneath The Stars album, Good Weather For An Airstrike has expanded his sound to create Lights, a blissful album combining processed guitars, dreamy strings, piano, synths, banjo, drums, lulling drones and subtle field recordings.

Lights is a substantial release full of wonderful soundscapes that mix perfectly ambient, electronic, post-rock and neo-classical sounds.

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