Gipsi – Sleepy Follow (Tape)

Gipsi – Sleepy Follow (Tape)


Pro dubbed cassettes by Bandjesfabriek, C43, solid white, Norelco smokey clear box, Photo insert with track list, different hand made covers with skeleton leave included. Limited to 12 copies.

“After the death of someone very close to me, I was, at times, so emotionally disorientated that some days I could barely take it. As music is my only creative output, I decided to make an album honoring this person: inescapably mournful but, ultimately, sanguine. Sleepy Follow is me channeling both memories and nightmares. There’s an oppressive repetitiveness to grief that lulls you into a sort of trance-like submission; that’s pretty much how these pieces were born. Every vibration of a guitar string and every reverb-drenched pad is entwined with the prosaic tedium of loss”.

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