Federico Durand – La estrella dormida

Federico Durand – La estrella dormida


Sometimes at dusk, from the train window, I can see the first star in the sky. Its light is a company that stays by my side during the travel until it gets dark. Then, like a magical presence, the stars, with its shining melody, invite me to dream. “La estrella dormida” (The Sleeping Star) is an album to listen to at sunset, during that moment when the sky changes its color and houses and gardens turn pink, silent and musical at the same time. “La estrella dormida” is an album to come back home.” – Federico Durand

Federico is a sound artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since his highly acclaimed 1st album on SPEKK (2010), he has been constantly delivering new materials from Home Normal, Own Records and Desire Path label, most of them sold out quickly. He also released album as Melodia (collaboration with Tomoyoshi Date from Optiope) and Every Hidden Color (collaboration with Nicholas Szczepanik). He uses a lot of fieled recordings which he took in his daily life mixing with guitar, cassette, and the overall impression is always warm and organic just as his personality.

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