Enofa – Arboretum

Enofa – Arboretum


This is the hand made “standard” CD version of Arboretum in an edition of 50 copies. These come in hand stamped and altered black digipaks, each with a factory pressed disc. Each copy comes with a dried leaf, and is banded with a vintage arboreal obi strip.

For Enofa, nature, and the inspiration derived from walking among the trees in the park and nature preserve near his home, plays a large part in the overall tone of this one long beautiful track. Like the Arboreta, which are regularly crafted to contain a range of contrasting shapes and colours, which gives them a very unique look and atmosphere, this wondrous soundscape of sorts, incorporating field recordings, moody guitars and synth, and electronic treatments perfectly reflects the calming and mysterious feel of the long and languid glorious English days of the moment. Wind chimes…the crackle of leaves underfoot….the light, swirling wind in the treetops…the sun breaking through the clouds…put this album on and you will find yourself strolling there as well!

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