Ekca Liena – Downer Supine

Ekca Liena – Downer Supine


Ekca Liena is an alias of Daniel W J Mackenzie which concentrates on the celestial, melancholic and sometimes blissful side of ambient music. Over the range of his enchanting, mainly long-form compostions there is a clear influence from ritual psychedelic, noise, doom, post-rock and at times modern classical arrangement. His discography has seen work on a variety of labels including Dead Pilot, Small Doses and Entropy and with an enormous amount of material currently in the works this list is hoped to expand.


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Downer Supine was produced with electric guitar, piano, voice and synths and provides an example of the spacier and trippier side of Ekca Liena’s sound. Drawing it’s character from early nineties ambient music and sitting in the depths of a analgesic, opioid drift, the three parts that make up this piece are slow moving, mysterious and contemplative.

ED.004 is a limited edition to 100 copies.

Produced by Daniel W J Mackenzie.
Photography by Alexandre Mazel.


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