Death Vessel – Stay Close

Death Vessel – Stay Close


Death Vessel is Joel Thibodeau’s work as both a solo artist and band leader. His music, captured on the resplendent record “Stay Close”, is an eloquent distillation of a life’s tales. Born in Berlin, Germany before The Wall fell… raised in Kennebunkport, Maine before the senior Bush’s presidency… this musician lived a childhood where the ghosts of Cold War casualties and seaport tragedies haunted the alleyways and beaches.


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Leaving Maine as a teenager, Thibodeau moved to Boston, Providence and New York. In Providence he was a founding member, songwriter and performer of the group String Builder. Now as then, Thibodeau captures the surreal and the sublime in wondrous song.

Thibodeau’s voice becomes so memorable in its strangeness that ‘Stay Close’ becomes a world all of its own, and a damn nice one at that.


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