Davis / Zuydervelt / Fabriek – Bij Wat Ook Moog

Davis / Zuydervelt / Fabriek – Bij Wat Ook Moog


Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek), Gareth Davis, and drummer Leo Fabriek bring these people to life with a bass clarinet, broken drum loops and evolving, modern electronics, telling the personal stories of young athletes caught up in the eye of the storm, namely the unrelenting glare of life under the microscope in the 21st Century. Local and national attention, rivalries, and social pressures are at war with the desire for self-improvement and eventual victory, both on the pitch and in their personal lives. The soundtrack rises and falls, lulls and spikes with optismistic interludes, troughs of self-doubt and hardship, and the grinding out of hours and hours spent in practice. The score never tires, though.

As with all book editions, the central theme is fragility, family and times long past. Old books have been dismantled / reassembled to present something new. The vintage books, photos and cine-film have once again come from an auction that was sold by one family, giving the album a sense of deep sentimental value! The design also features vintage prints, hand numbered library cards, stamps and book-marks that all rest inside stitched wax bags. Extremely limited… Each copy is completely unique and different from the next.

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