Dag Rosenqvist – Elephant

Dag Rosenqvist – Elephant


6 panel digisleeve placed into cardboard slipcase embossed with a transparent foil…

Extremely quiet and violently loud, slowly rising only to moments later bear down on the listener with a wall of distorted sounds. This is the essence of ‘elephant’, the new album by Swedish composer and musician Dag Rosenqvist. ‘elephant’ consists of six tracks, all connected to each other in one way or another. Shards of tracks re-appear in other tracks. Structures, sounds, chord progressions and melodies are revisited and rearranged. Repetition as a means of holding on to something that is already lost. ‘elephant’ is an album built on contrasts. It is an album filled with noise and fury, with distant echoes and subtle vibrations. It is a blind force that can both crush you and embrace you with its fragility.

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