Birds of Passage – Winter Lady

Birds of Passage – Winter Lady


Perfect for the wintertime, Alicia Merz’ Birds of Passage project comes from another world, separate from our own. This is an world similar to ours, but everything is just slightly off. A constant overcast sky, filled with birds drifting through these skies leaving long trails of gold and blue ribbons. It’s a fantastic and ethereal plane.


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On Winter Lady, the music gently creeps from the cassette as wound gossamer, bent and shaped into a silhouette of a beautiful creature calming walking towards you. This is gorgeousness embodied, showcased through a delicate skeleton.

Art and sound collide, recalling the dream pop of This Mortal Coil scrubbed down to a bare, essential shadow, or Sade whispering from the core of some frozen lake. Fans of Grouper or Motion Sickness Of Time Travel will feel right at home in the comfort of Birds of Passage.

Edition of 100.


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